Capture the Flag - Little School Bus

Had a blast participating with a few local DC416 folks in the 2017 picoCTF!


Can you help me find the data in this littleschoolbus.bmp?

Hint: Look at least significant bit (LSB) encoding!!

In retrospect the solution was fairly straightforward, but, tunnel vision got the best of me. Thankfully in the end I ended up learning quite a bit about steganography and LSB. (Disclaimer, it was solved by a teammate).

Here was the image:

little school bus

Ran java -jar Stegsolve.jar to view each bit plane on its own. Browse around and look for the Stegsolve download link.

# install
wget -O stegsolve.jar
chmod +x stegsolve.jar

# launch/run
java -jar stegsolve.jar

File > Open > image, cycle through the planes. Interesting, there is something in the bottom-left corner of the image.

school bus image

Here is just that bottom row:

bottom left corner of image

The image is 252px × 199px (w x h). Let's concentrate on that last row, the 199th row; either crop out the pixels or write some code.

I opted to write some Go code (no link).

./lsbParse-linux littleschoolbus.bmp



The idea was to grab each byte's LSB in sequence and construct a new binary message. Then read that binary in sequence to get the flag. For example:

Binary ASCII
01100110 f
01101100 l
01100001 a
01100111 g
... ...

I overcomplicated the challenge by thinking there was an image within the image, (inspiration drawn from this site. Fantastic resource).

Long story short, I took all the LSB's in sequence and read them in chunks of 3; obtaining values between 000-111 (decimal 0-7) to construct an 8-bit greyscale image.

Nothing fruitful in the reconstructed 8-bit greyscale image. Although it was a failed attempt it was fun.

(this portion was written in python w/ pyplot)

reconstructed image

For fun, I pulled the image from DataGenetic's site and extracted the Flanker!

plane hidden in image

original image of plane hidden

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