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Hi, I'm Mike.

A software developer working at Buf, making Protocol Buffers work for everyone.

Twitter and GitHub.

I help organize GoCon Canada and Go Toronto meetups.

  • People and technology
  • Computers. Code. Flipping bits. Cleaning cruft
  • Keeping an open mind, learning and helping others

In it to improve the internals and understand implementations. Solve business problems, don’t get hung up on algorithms.

Some open-source projects I currently maintain:

Long live open source, advent of code 🎄, good sci-fi and the occasional crappy piece of BEEPLE art.

As a hobby, I’d like to get back into electronics; maybe build a DEFCON badge and pick up a 3D printer.

Coffee and tea. Hike, spin, cycle, jog, squash and sometimes lift.

I occasionally capture digital flags 🚩 and attempt to pwn machines. Here are a few ctf write-ups. Mostly for fun and learning.

My age, divided by 2.14, is the number of years I’ve been a dog owner. I ❤ 🐶

No words can describe how much joy these two brought me.

Dog named Buddy Dog named

Digital years

- Eventually, I will find time to update my website. 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 (new domain), 2015, 2016.
- 2017 (yet another new .io domain), and time?! Nope. Early days but work in progress. 2018 was a blur.
- 2019, back to original domain. 2020. 😷
- 2021, work in progress. Protocol Buffers for the rest of us.
- 2022, GopherCon, APIs, and more Protocol Buffers.
+ 2023, conferences, DB migrations, video games, Protobuf plugins, wip...