Hi, I’m Mike.

Eventually, I will find time to update this site.
2011,2012,2013,2014(new domain),2015,2016.

It’s 2017(new domain), and I found time?! Early days but work in progress. 2018 was a blur.

2019, back to original domain.


Tech. Computers. Code. Flipping bits. Cleaning cruft. Keeping an open mind and learning while drinking coffee and tea.

Long live open source.

Music and lines of code go well together. If you ventured this far down the rabbit hole, here are my top played songs for: 2017, 2018. Note, non-mainstream.

My age, divided by 2.14, is the number of years I’ve been a dog owner. ❤ 🐶

One day I’d like to get back into electronics as a hobby; maybe build a defcon badge. Pick up a 3D printer?

Jog, cycle, play squash.

I used to capture digital 🚩s and pwn machines. Did a few ctf writeups.