Integrating Go modules with Drone CI
Jul 2018    |    drone-ci     go     golang     modules     1.11    

Go modules: part 1, part 2, part 3

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for now you can check out their site and blog


  • Vendor is tailored for the dependencies of a specific module, not warming a cache. 🤔 from issue#26610

  • For CI/CD this may be useful, cl#126656

  • and maybe issue#24250

This section will be removed eventually

Implementation deviations from the initial proposal and worthy highlights:

  • this one improves on the usability of the Go command, splitting go mod flags into subcommands cl#126655.

  • relaxing the replace directive within the go.mod file, issue#24825

  • Code written prior to introduction of go modules, i.e., v2.0.0 or higher, is given an +incompatible suffix when converted to a module version, as in v2.0.0+incompatible. issue#25967

  • Initially it was proposed that vendoring should cease to exist because it’s a duplicate of the local cache. But that is no longer the case, see this discussion. I am adding this GitHub issue comment as a reminder to self for a future post.

  • to easy the transition from non-module-ware Go versions (e.g., 1.10) to module-aware (1.11) this was introduced cl#109340