I really like the Go programming language, its community, the ecosystem, and remarkable stability & simplicity. Even more so, I’m glad Go is not striving to be like every other language when it comes to features. Over the years it has been incredible watching Go . To this day I continue thinking, writing and solving problems with Go.

Go is not the “flavor of the month”, “shiny toy” that hipsters use, but more a tool that enables programmers and engineers to write maintainable software that addresses specific problems. As an aside, there is a distinction between programming and software engineering, and in my opinion Go enables both. Check out the post What is Software Engineering? and a video summarizing the concept.

gophermega The gopher mascot was designed by Renee French / CC 3.0. For more info check out the Go Blog

I’ll be using this space to jot down all things Go. If you have questions, constructive criticism, find a mistake, or just want to say Hi feel free to reach out