Year End 2017
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I don’t care much for “annual” events, i.e., taking action x because y rotations around the sun. But, I do believe in allocating time aside for reflecting and setting future goals. It just so happens that time is now, and now is end-of-year.

The meetup game in Toronto continues to be strong. Lots of interesting folks. Meetups I try regularly attend: DC416, Docker-Toronto, Go-Toronto.

A few members of DC416 and I started playing as a Team capturing digital flags. Some challenges were fun, others frustrating, and occasionally rewarding. Each time you learn something new and try harder; some of my writeups can be found here. I’d like to continue participating in CTF events and do more writeups.

The year ended with DC416 hosting a 12 hour offline CTF. I was disappointed with my performance, as there were a few flags I should have captured. My problem with this event (and others) is that I get really focused on one particular challenge. The take away is to be less obsessive with one particular challenge and learn to move on!

I’ve been experimenting with Go for a few years and have become quite fond of the language. Mid 2016 I made a decision to port much Python code to Go. Microservice by microservice I’ve been chipping away, rewriting everything from db importers to scrapers to web apps.

I do believe one should use the best tool for the job, and that re-coding/re-architecting/re-designing/re-w.e shouldn’t be done for the sake of shinies. However, with Go, I’ve found I could write cleaner, more maintainable code. Furthermore, there hasn’t been a project that I couldn’t implement in Go. The standard library is phenomenal.

Some pkg’s I’ve made heav-ier use of lately: viper, goquery, gorethink, gorilla-mux, errors and many others.

In the upcoming year I’d like to get more involved with the Go community and contribute back.

Lastly, the project I was most excited about this year was Upspin. I’ve been following the project closely and tinkering in the background. Given there is so much to share and recap I’ll leave that for a separate post, maybe also a how-to.

Everything considered, it’s been a hella’ year.

Note to self: kubernetes, it’s time to give it a serious go.