Not a small tweet, not a large blog. Medium.
Jan 2019    |    medium    

Medium has played a big role throughout the tech world since their Welcome to Medium post on Aug 14, 2012.

Unfortunately, I suspect one day Medium will cease to operate (or be acquired at a discount) due to a sluggish revenue model.

But, if Medium does goes kaboom, what happens to that content? Will it all still be available online in some other form? If Medium gets acquired, who’ll really own the content?

Is it possible all that great content will vanish because no one can (or will) pay the cloud bill? Shame. If it does come down to that, I hope Medium exposes an API to export data.

We’ll leave the philosophicals to the pundits.

Every so often I am reminded how elegant the world wide web can be when one owns a domain and maintains content within.

Instead, while Medium is around. I thought I’d curate a list of some of my favorite “publications” and articles. Lots more will be added on an ongoing basis with a focus on:

  • all things surrounding the Go ecosystem
  • distributed systems
  • WASM (and recently WASI)
  • APIs
  • protobufs
  • cloudstuff

Netflix Technology Blog

Square Corner Blog

Twitch Engineering

Ben Johnson


Cindy Sridharan


Google Cloud Platform

.. add other to come