Not a small tweet, not a large blog. Medium.
Jan 2019    |    medium    

Medium has played a big role in the tech world.

Unfortunately, I suspect one day Medium will cease to operate due to lack of profits and a sluggish revenue model.

(I really hope I’m wrong)

But, if Medium does goes kaboom, what will happen to the content? Will a larger entity buy Medium and if so, who will really own that content? Is it fair for content to vanish into thin air because the company that pays the cloud provider bills can no longer operate?

Not really vanish! I believe there is an API of sorts, not sure if it allows to backup existing content? Or maybe an exit-and-export strategy?

We’ll leave it to the pundits. Also, check out the Welcome to Medium post from Aug 14, 2012.

Instead, while Medium is around. I thought I’d curate a list of some of my favorite “publications” and articles. Lots more will be added on an ongoing basis with a focus on:

  • all things from the Go ecosystem
  • distributed systems
  • API designs, from REST to RPCs
  • protobufs
  • WASM
  • #cloudstuff

Netflix Technology Blog

Square Corner Blog

Twitch Engineering

Ben Johnson


Cindy Sridharan


Google Cloud Platform

.. add many many more to come