Hi, I’m Mike

Eventually, I will find time to update this domain
2011,2012,2013,(new domain purchased)2014,2015,2016

It’s 2017, and I think I found time! Early days but work in progress.

The future is clearer

I’d like to keep this space around to jot down ideas and thoughts, post relevant writeups and have a central open repo for my-future-self. If it helps someone along the way or it’s of interest then awesome.

It’s currently a bit of a mess, and over the next year (end of 2017) I’d like to amalgamate the following into github and this site:

  1. random text files, configs, hot-to’s, docs spread across multiple computers/laptops and external drives
  2. private bitbucket repo
  3. local OwnCloud installation (don’t get me wrong OwnCloud is awesome)
  4. private gitlab repo


I enjoy tackling physical/digital problems and coming up with clever solutions. Life-long learner who ❤’s to research and explore topics in depth

My age, divided by 2.14, is the number of years I’ve been a dog owner. ❤ 🐶

For fun I take apart my “gaming rig” (I no longer game) and put it together. Yes, I enjoy wiring and building computers and servers. One day I hope to seriously get into electronics and the IoT

I have a fascination with finding the ultimate tech bag

I wish there were more hours in the day for running, squash and reading

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